Number 3 in Part One

Testing the water. At what point are we supposed to start a new topic? Like now?


There are no hard-and-fast rules about this. Do whatever feels right? I think that posting a new image like this is a perfect reason to start a brand new topic!

Very nice drawing, by the way. :sunglasses::+1:

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Thank you! This is such a good community! It feels safe.


That’s the goal!

We will, of course, be monitoring things closely, but even when the official moderators are busy elsewhere, the software is working for us, and members of the community are encouraged to flag anything (use the ellipsis (…) button below any post to reveal the flag button) that might violate community guidelines. Anything that gets flagged by enough users — or meets other criteria we’ve set — will be held for human moderation. No abuse will be tolerated. :slight_smile:


Love this picture—the line work reminds me of Rembrandt!


Hi, Eliza! Nice to see you here! :wave: